Welcome To My Site

Hello there and thanks for coming to visit. My name is Scott Knight and I am a web developer. That means that I not only design awesome websites, but I also code them. I have been using Photoshop for over three years now and I started to get into web developing in Fall of 2009. If you would like to read a little bit more about me feel free to click here to visit my about page.

What I've Done

I have already completed two websites in full. These websites being my own and one for my brother's business (Day 2 Knight Events). I recently completed a Content Management System (CMS) for my brother's business website. If you would like to see all my work, feel free to check out my portfolio.

How I Do It

I make the designs for the websites I build in Photoshop CS4. The languages I use to code my websites are XHTML Strict, PHP, and CSS. I also use jQuery plug-ins to add some great effects to certain parts of my websites. Once I feel that a website is complete, I run it through validators to make sure everything is perfect and I also test the website in multiple popular browsers to make sure it looks great for everybody.